Remembering why I’m Running the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon

Remembering my main focus on why I run….


This week had some definite ups and downs.  It started with me not being able to walk right, thinking I had a stress fracture, to finding out I have no fracture to most likely over doing it on the weekend out of joy.  Don’t judge me – us runners be stupid.  The doc says no Break – we Run… its that simple.

 So my training consisted of a lot of Cycling and getting out with my Train 4 Autism Teammate and Cycling guru Matthew Beal (Matt is also another Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon Official Blogger – you can follow his blog here and check him out on twitter here @beal88).   I also got back in the pool which quickly reminded me that I need to learn to swim better.  Lessons could be in the future for this guy.

 But Why do I run?  As many of you know I do my best to advocate and raise awareness for Autism as much as I can.  This week I saw it all around me.

  •  A T4A member Matthew Knight (@knightSolon) needed some help to accomplish his long 20 miler.  We have members that can help on any pace or length and he was able to tag along with @Johnsemilia and @Beanpole_223 for the 20 on Saturday.  All awesome runners and all making 20 miles seem much easier than by themselves.  (an example of the network working how it should)
  • Another member  Samua Cherry gave me some information on an Autism Fundraiser that she is conducting to raise money for the upcoming race.  It will be a ZUMBA dance party!  More info here!  (Example of how this network works)
  • On Sunday I was able to get out with another member Scott Miller @theMillersLife for 6 miles.  He is newer to long distance and mentioned many times how he would have quite this run as it was hot.  We slowed the tempo, trained smart and I did my best to give some pointers.  (Example of how the network works)
  • And my Favorite reason of the week came from my Wife Kelly!  Here is an excerpt from her FB page

 After LOTS of stress about it I finally did it!
Me: cal buddy u have autism
Cal: (looks all over his arms) where mommy where
Me: sweet-pea u can’t see it… But it’s what makes you amazing at remembering facts! And also why you write numbers backwards! We Love u just the way you are!
Cal: can I have choc pudding mommy?!


After posting we saw comments and likes across the board which helps with the support aspect.  Another example of how creating awareness and being an advocate in your community can help in everyday life situations.

 All in all it was a fantastic week.  While my personal training did not go where I thought it would go – the Train 4 Autism Chapter went and continues to amaze each and every day.



Ran 3.2 miles and realized Leg was a mess


Swam 500 yards


Cycled 6 miles


Cycled 13 miles


Cycled 10 miles


Ran 5.1 Miles


Ran 6 miles


Cycle = 26 Miles

Run = 14.3 Miles

Swim = 500 yards

Want more info on Train 4 Autism?  Email me @ or check us out here!

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2 Responses to “Remembering why I’m Running the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon”

  1. way to go dude, keep on being the great advocate you are!!! inspiring to all of us… no matter what distance you run!


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