Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon Training – 6 weeks to go!

Time keeps tick..tick..ticking away!

I looked at the Calander and did a double take… Is it really April 9th?  Wow!  I guess I should get busy.  I had a very productive training week and am feeling the effects of it as I write this.  That is nothing new to many of us as this is where we try and get that last 3-4 week push to be in our best Race Ready Form.

With less than 2 months to go I am in a different spot than if I was training for a full Marathon.  I do not need to go log the 18 -22 milers, but my mind is telling me go do it!  When I was running this past week at mile 11 I said, hmmm Maybe I can do the FULL… by mile 12.5 I was saying, are you CRAZY!!! this is only half way.  For those that dont know me, I finished the Chicago Marathon last Fall but have decided to run halfs and cross train more to allow for more family time.  Dont get me wrong , my body likes it better too!

I focused on some Cycling this week and have yet to become a hood ornament.  Mostly becasue I have stuck to stationary bikes or taken my new TREK bicycle to the Summit County Hike and Bike paths.  I will also say my pace has gotten much better, but still worried I am doing a little bit too much too late.  The hard work has left me sore all over and I am feeling the effects of the 4mm Heel to toe drop on my Saucony Triumphs in my feet for the first time as I train longer and harder.

So as we get closer – its time to suck it up – Less than 1 month till the warm up race that the #Dirtyrunners are invading.  Many from the Cleveland Train 4 Autism Chapter are going to run here!  @beanpole_223 @mojamala2 @beal88 @ClecraftbeerRun and @Trotts106 will all be running.  If you dont follow them consider this a huge #FF in twitter speak.

Last weeks Training

Monday – 4.5 Miles Running at 8:39 Goal Race Pace

Tuesday – 10.8 Miles Biking

Wed – 3.5 Miles Running at 8:44 – Tempo 8:30 sammiched in there for 15 minutes

Thursday – 7 mile Bike and a 1 mile Run

Saturday – 13.1 Miles Run at 9:37 pace

Sunday 10 mile Bike Ride at 16 MPH

22+ miles Running and 27 Miles + Riding…  Time to add back in some swimming!

BIG GOOD LUCK TO RYAN!!!!  @clecraftbeerrun on his Journey to BOSTON NEXT WEEK!!!!!!!!!  Go get it Brotha!

About rn4atsm

Husband, Father, Cleveland FANatic, Loves Bacon and a good time - Runs a lot, has opinions, loves sarcasm and Monkeys

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