Charity and the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon

When you blog about Running…. It can get a bit redundant…  When you blog about Autism, yep I can get redundant.  When I blog about anything for so long I guess anything can be said enough times to be redundant.  So lets combine them and not be so redundant.

Are you with me?

I Run 4 Autism I Tri 4 Autism.  I coordinate the Cleveland chapter of Train 4 Autism.  How does this blend them?  How does this fit with the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon?

Let me tell you how it blends and fits together…

Every year newbies and running veterans alike lace up some running shoes and toe the line for their first 5k to their 20th marathon.  The CDC has just updated the prevalence of Autism related spectrum disorders to 1 in 88 children.  You can see a quick excerpt here.  So I along with many others have chosen to combine our running efforts and fundraise to help create advocacy, awareness and raise the money necessary for ongoing research.

This paragraph hit home for me as it speaks to why I do what I do (as do many others):

“The CDC numbers are alarming, yet they don’t begin to tell the story of the real families, real individuals struggling every day,” adds Autism Speaks President Mark Roithmayr. “From fighting to get a diagnosis and secure appropriate educational services and therapies, to trying to manage tremendous financial and emotional burdens or find a satisfying job opportunity, families are engaged in a daily battle against this disorder. We need to marshal the same resources and attention that the government has devoted to other diseases and disorders and finally make this a fair fight.”

Runners are the number one fundraiser out there going today.  It is a great way for you to not only do something for yourself (get healthy) while you help out a worthy cause.  This year the 5k on May 19th, 2012 is again headlined by the charity sponsor Organization for Autism Reasearch (OAR).  If you were contemplating running a Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon event this is a way for you to get in on the excitement and help support a great cause.  By the way – did you know you can walk it?  Yep, you can – so that is an option if you are still wondering.   You do get to finish in the Stadium on the 50 yard line – it is quite an experience (Trying to add as many incentives as I can here).   Oh yeah you can run it with me and my entire family (Now I have ya…).  I will be running this race as well as the Half the next day (16.2 for me this weekend).

Thinking of running – and you have another charity close to your heart?  Click here to find out who else is a sponsor that you can raise money and run with!

Another Option: 

Join the Train 4 Autism Team – We Run, Bike, Swim, Walk and Volunteer at many events Feel free to email me at .  We will have a water stop on Marathon Weekend in which we will be cheering on all runners and having a good time as well.  So come on out for a good cause (By the way- you can just cheer with us – we will be at mile 24).

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this.  This is close to my heart, it is close to a lot of yours as well.  Charity is a way for us to give back so be it the Autism organizations, American Heart Association or another charity close to you I urge you to get involved.  I also would like to say I have inserted more links in this post than all of my previous blogs combined. 

In Closing – Come on out on Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon Weekend and Get involved – I guarantee a good time not only during but the feeling you have after stays with you for ever.

Christian (Uncle H) (TriDawg) (HelDawg) – whatever my name is to you….


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Husband, Father, Cleveland FANatic, Loves Bacon and a good time - Runs a lot, has opinions, loves sarcasm and Monkeys

2 Responses to “Charity and the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon”

  1. As someone running for OAR in the Cleveland marathon with Asperger’s, I don’t think people caring could ever get redundant!! :)

    So, thanks!


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