Why you should sign up for a Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon Event!!

Why you should sign up for a Cleveland Marathon Event!!


First off that sentence can be scary.  It has that “Marathon” word in it. 

For many that may be reading this you may be contemplating starting to run, you may have started and are unsure of what you are actually capable of or you simply may be Nervous!

Oh nooooo... What to do.. what to do....So dont be this person over here ————————————————————————————————————————->>>>>>>>>>>

What?  What are you talking about.. I cant do this.

Yes you can Let me outline some ways why you should sign up for an event during the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon weekend (May19-20).


Yep .. I said it.  Its Healthy!  Running is proven to assist in many different instances, but since I am not a doctor nor did I stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night I will leave it at that.  However I can go off of personal testimony.  Going from 245ish lbs to 165ish lbs since I became a runner is proof enough. 

The Friendships

Yep… you read that right.  Runners are a weird breed.  We tend to stick together (well on long group runs – my friends leave me in the dust on Race day).  In seriousness you will find people of all shapes and sizes all sorts of demographics all cheering you on like you have been best friends for ever.  The level of support you get from the crowd, the runners and the staff of a large race weekend is unlike any other race weekend.  Sure you can go run a local 5k but if you are nervous – Jump in to a big event as the support is Ginormous (real word).  The person you run next to very well may become a great running buddy for years to come.

Give Back

You may have found my blog for many reasons, for that I thank you.  A very big motivating factor for me is running for a cause.  As my Blog says I Run 4 Autism.  I have been running with OAR for years now and they helped me through my very first event, which happened to be the 2010 Cleveland 5k on Marathon Weekend.  Since then I have taken over the Train 4 Autism chapter here in Cleveland and we will be raising money for OAR through our group again this year.  My Son, Cal who has Aspergers (a form of Autism) will be running the 5k so come run with us!  But Autism, Cancer, Luekemia you name it – if raising money and making a difference is something that motivates you I urge you to join a team and make a difference for a cause that hits home with you.  The feeling you get will be well worth it at the finish!


Do you like to push yourself?  Do you like to see what you can do personally?  Running is that event for you.  You dont have to be first, its not about winning unless you are a speed demon.  For the rest of us it is about a personal best.  Be it 5k or 26.2 miles there is a distance that can challenge you and allow you to surprise yourself.

5k = 3.1 miles Beginner (If you have never ran a race – want to run a race but are unsure – or just set a goal to challenge yourself start here.  Added bonus – this race ends on the Cleveland Browns 50 yard line!)

10k = 6.2 miles (intermediate If you have a 5k under your belt and want to take the next step, if you have trained for a while and can run 5 miles comfortably – Jump in here.  Added Bonus you get the thrill of running the day of the bigger races and you get added support from the crowds)

Half Marathon = 13.1 Miles (Advanced.  You should be able to run 20-30 miles a week and have long runs of at least 10-11 miles under your belt before you attempt this.  Do not worry about your time, just work on logging the miles.  The Cleveland Course is generally flat and will allow you with many water stops.  Added Bonus BLING!  your Finishers Medal)

Full Marathon = 26.2 Miles (Crazy – not really but do not attempt this without a few 13.1 under your belt and a good 20 weeks of base training.  The biggest thing you can do is jump in to early and not have the base to withstand 26 miles of pavement pounding.   Added Bonus BIGGER BLING and the right to rock the 26.2 sticker!)

So as you can see there are lots of ways to challenge yourself.  I am running both the 5k and the 13.1 this year.  Find a race that fits your training schedule and ability and sign up now – you wont regret it!


unlike this guy 

I Quit on Cleveland

People flock to the City for this race!  We expect 20k Strong on sunday.  20K individuals that will not quit and will give what they have in a beautiful city. 

The first half of the race takes you through the westside neighborhoods and back into the heart of downtown.  The back half has always been a bit of a Challenge to get some support but the Train 4 Autism team is going to staff the Mile 24 by the Shore water stop.  Yep, we will have a DJ, and some crazy things going on to cheer all of those going for 26.2.  If you have run in the past and needed more support on the back half, we are there for you.

The race is a very good one, through the city, past landmarks, flat and when else can you high-five a Hot dog (while running past the Happy Dog).

So I CHALLENGE YOU!  If you are on the fence Click here.  If you are not sure what race to run, Click Here .

If you have questions about Train 4 AutismRun 4 autism  you can email me directly at christianheller@train4autism.org

Want to help with our Water stop by volunteering you can email me as well.

What help and advice – uhhh comment here and either I or my running friends can help.  We are here to cheer us all on and make it a memorable weekend for you be it your first event or your 15th marathon.

See ya at the…

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2 Responses to “Why you should sign up for a Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon Event!!”

  1. I’m running the 5K this year (my first one since the weather turned cold – I’m not up to running in the cold just yet) and can’t wait! Hat’s off to you for running the 5k and the half.

    • haha… Yeah I know the feeling on the cold… I couldnt find time to train for full – so I will do the 5k with my son and the 1/2 for me…

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