Keep your Challenges FUN!!!!

One of the most difficult things I have had to do in my training is come up with some content for my official Blog for the Cleveland Marathon.

So as we get into the heat of training season for the Spring Marathons, I wanted to write about Progress, Goals and having fun.

First off..I AM NOT RUNNING THE FULL.  While I am confident that I could smash a PR and do very well it also takes a lot of time to train.  When you add that to less daylight, a family, work… you get it.. there is not that much time.   The other side of that is I don’t have the burning drive to do the full.  One thing you need in running a marathon is that burning desire to push through to achieve 26.2 and I know in my heart I would crash at 20.  That being said – bring on the Half!  This is my favorite distance, it is challenging yet does not force you to multiply yourself to be able to be in 3 places at once for training, work and family.

So Progress:

My schedule has me at 21-23 miles this week with a long run of 10 miles.  Well That is like taking candy from a baby.  Last week I did that + with a 10 miler on Saturday with some of the Train 4 Autism team.  The down side is I tweaked my left calf at mile 8.5.  (I hate you calf – why do you treat me like this… Inner Voice that found its way to the blog)

For those that know me, and for those that don’t, this is not new as I am a rare Supinator (under Pronate) and have issues with my left leg.  Looks like I will be putting the heel lift back in this week.    I am also training for my first Triathlon.  While it is an Indoor Triathlon it still counts.  The event is a 20/20/20 format swim/bike/run.  I am beginning to love this.  I have been training for a few weeks and am thinking I am going to transition from Marathon guy to Triathlon guy. (What in the hell am I thinking – Inner voice is back)

  • I am not a Great Swimmer
  • I have not bought a bike since my Huffy in 6th grade
  • Running I can do (but still am not fast)

 This is a new challenge, something that is motivating me.

So Goals:

IRONMAN 70.3  Yeah I just wrote that.  Not in 2012.  But I am thinking 2013.  For 2012 I will focus on getting better at Swimming, Buying a bike with the help of  @beal88, finishing 3-4 halfs and the Ragnar Relay (Check this out!! we are doing PA) with my crew in October.  Oh yeah along the way do 2-3 triathlon especially the Pirate themed one in my hometown of Fairport Harbor.

Have Fun:

If you’re not having fun – it is hard to stay motivated.  I have learned I LOVE the half marathon.  The distance is great – it challenges me on long runs with friends yet I am not forced to go run 20’s.  The Triathlon lets my ADD brain not focus on pounding 26.2 and I really only have to focus on one event at a time.  So we will see how this goes!  I will be moving from a purely Run 4 Autism member to TRI for Autism.  (OAR is even a Charity Sponsor on some big TRI events this year ) I know the team at OAR is happy to see this.

So before you get down, are you having fun?  Are you feeling confident?  If you feel something is not right you have time to fix it.  Change your race, find a new challenge – but remember to have fun (I cannot stress this enough).  Life is too short not to enjoy what you are doing so make sure that even if you are running for a cause that you are putting yourself first (even for a moment) when making a decision on what to run as your life will change because of it.  You want it to change for the better not cause you more stress along the way.

Goals for this week:

Monday – Swim 800+ yards

Tuesday – Run 4 miles

Wednesday – Run 3 Miles Bike 10 Miles

Thursday – Run 4 Miles

Friday – Swim 800 + yards

Saturday – Buy a real bike – Log Miles

Sunday Triathlon – Goals of 500yard/7milebike/2.5milerun 

Totals for the week = 1.2 Mile Swim / 20 Miles Bike / 13.5  in a week of an event – Ill take it – oh yeah and with a hurting Calf!

Autism Fundraiser Update:  We raised about $1000.00 for Run 4 Autism this past week with a lot of help from the Train 4 Autism team.  We held a Pump It up (bouncy House) jump night with basket raffles.  I want to thank all that participated, donated, helped, and much more. 

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