Tips for the 1st Timer…of any distance

Hello All – And welcome back.  Callan is busy doing Homework – so he will be posting something special next week. 

Today, I wanted to talk about a few tips that may help you out if this is your first running event you are training for.  Meaning, this could be your first 5k or this could be your first Marathon.  I know I have readers that are scattered throughout this range – and some of them are simply Maniacs , however some of you are just starting your journey and it is easy to get discouraged along the way.

I want to talk about 4 things:

  • HeartRate
  • Pace
  • Shoes
  • BodyGlide

    These can help you more than you know...

So what do I mean about HeartRate.  Well quite simply training at a pace that does not have you wondering if you will end up in the ER.  I actually wear my HR monitor that plugs into my Garmin on the treadmill.  I am not going to win my age group anytime soon so I train to my HeartRate just as much as I train to Pace.  Too often you will find people go all out because they feel good and they want to get the best time – but if your body is struggling it is best to back off the pace.  By conditioning to your heart rate you actually can then sustain longer paces of increased pace because you have trained this way.  Lesson is to LISTEN TO YOUR BODY.

Its about Finishing - Isn't It?

Since this is being written to help the first timers – READ THE CAPTION – for those without a need for speed.  So what do I mean?  If this is your first race at a specific distance you will already set a PR (Personal Record) so do not worry about lighting the world on fire.  Focus on getting to the finish line in the upright position.  Learning to train to tip 1 will help this as well.  If you are following a plan and continue to run long enough, the pace will naturally improve.  Ask any runner if they care what your time is/was and the answer will be no.  We are happy to have you among us nut jobs competing at your own pace.  The only one that usually says anything is the person not out there doing it – so the lesson here is DONT WORRY ABOUT TIME!

Saucony's ROCK!!!!

For Tip 3 I turn to some Gear.  If you are going to be serious about finishing your race the one area you don’t want to skimp out on is the shoes.  I don’t go to franks junk yard (sorry if that is a real place and your name is Frank) to get tires for my car, so why put bad tires on your body?  Shoes make a difference.  How do you pronate?  Do you need stability, motion control or cushioning? Do you heel strike, land flat, or front foot strike?  What Dicks sporting goods didn’t ask you these things or check your gait?  Also are you aware that shoes have a mileage lifespan?  Yep – they go bald just like tires.  The downside of the wrong shoe could lead to injury.  Injury in running means – no running.  Not sure where to go?  Cleveland has a ton of Running Specialty shops such as The Cleveland Running Co.  They will analyze you and get you in the correct shoe for your body and running style.  Lesson here is DON”T SKIMP ON SHOES.

You'll know if you forget!

My Final Tip could come in the form of gear – but I like to call it an accessory.  An accessory you cannot live without.
When I began running I did not know about this product so I am sharing with you.  BodyGlide, what is it?  Why do I need it?  Both Great Questions (before I forget – the link at the top of the blog in the agenda is to a cool video – check it out).  The real definition is a Non-Greasy protection from skin problems from rubbing… I like to say Its Armor for your tender bits.  What?  Well when you log miles and material rubs against certain areas it can chafe.  It can chafe real bad in the chest region specifically and after 10 miles and sweat and rubbing..and… well you get the point now?  I use it on my feet for long runs as to not get blisters and rashes, I use it on my chest to protect the bits and I also use it on the thighs to protect against some more rubbing areas.  Use where and when you want, but the lesson here is DO BUY BODYGLIDE NOW.

So Recap

Listen to your Body
Don’t worry about time
Don’t Skimp on shoes
Buy BodyGlide now
I hope you learned something, enjoyed the blog and would love more tips for the first timer.  If you have any – simply list in the comments for the readers to learn from your infinite wisdom.  The Cleveland Marathon is less than 18 full weeks away.  That means it is time to train for your 5k, 10k, 1/2 or full so if this is your first good luck and the Cleveland Runners are here to support you.
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  1. Hi! Great post, I am training to run the Cleveland Marathon for the first time this year and have recently been looking into heart rate watches, more so on the cheaper end, between 30-50 through amazon. However, I have been skeptical about what to buy because I dont want to get something and be let down. Do you have any suggestions?


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