Free Cleveland Marathon 2012 Event Entry


I originally was going to post this after the New Year but I am just to excited to get this in front of the Running Community in Cleveland and maybe even people looking to

make the Cleveland Marathon a destination run in 2012.

As the title of my website reads, I RN4ATSM.  For those not able to decipher it is simply I Run for Autism.  I have been an OAR runner and Advocate for not only Autism but for their organization for years and I am very excited to be able to offer an opportunity for you to participate in the Cleveland Marathon while helping out with their fundraising goals for this event.

First my Pitch:  Of course there is a catch to a FREE entry so I have to let you know why you should run for Autism with me and the staff of OAR.

OAR is the only autism organization which focuses solely on applied research.

  • Putting research to work providing answers to questions for those confronted directly and indirectly by autism
  • Funding research studies that investigate treatments, educational approaches, and statistical aspects of autism

As a Father of a child on the spectrum I know how much this organization is working to ensure new grants are funded and questions are answered.  As a parent that has a wife that is an educator it is refreshing to see the teaching aids put out by OAR on how to better assist your child as they enter the school system (especially for those that are included and in mainstream classes).

Okay Chris – What do I have to do?

Great Question!

    During the month of January and February, if a runner signs up to be a part of the RUN FOR AUTISM- Cleveland Team and commits to a $250 fundraising minimum, OAR will purchase their entry into the Rite Aid Cleveland race of their choice.

What?  That’s it.. There has to be more right?


How Can I get Involved?  What do I need to do?

  1. You will be required to sign up with the Run for Autism Team on Firstgiving and create a fundraising page. – FYI these are easy ways to get donations through FB, Twitter, and email!
  2. You have to make your commitment to Run in any of the events – 5k, 10k, 1/2 or full marathon by FEB 29th, 2012.
  3. commit to raising $250.00
  4. Email me at DM me at @TheHeldawg or post on this blog your interest.

That is it.  Once you contact me I will get you in contact with the staff at OAR (by the way they are  AWESOME and very motivating so shout out to Lily, Alex, Chelsea, Mike and Sean) and we will get you set up.  you will select your race and sign a pledge form and off you go.

Is there anything else?

  • Once you hit $50.00 in Donations you get a Runners kit!  The Runners’ Kit includes an OAR RUN FOR AUTISM team t-shirt, distinctive race shirt, fundraising guide, OAR Newsletter and other informational items.
  • I will be posting Run Groups and events on FB and Twitter
  • Emails to keep you motivated up till Race week
  • Coaching and Support if you need it – I can help you build a plan to help you reach your race or fundraising goals.

OAR has a goal of $30,000 for Cleveland.  That would fund one research grant for next year.  I would like to see that Doubled in Cleveland.  I know Chicago was able to do $100,000 and well I know Clevelanders are better than Chicagoiteserr Chicagoians – well those peeps from Chicago (no harm meant Chicago Friends).

I will leave you with a quote I said when I started running with OAR and I believe each and every word.  Come RUN WITH US!

Running to get healthy is one challenge; running to make a difference is the ultimate challenge.  I remain motivated knowing that each small step I take provides OAR the ability to take giant steps in the research of Autism.  There is no greater feeling than knowing that when you cross the finish line, you have made a difference.

-Christian OAR Runner and autism Dad

About rn4atsm

Husband, Father, Cleveland FANatic, Loves Bacon and a good time - Runs a lot, has opinions, loves sarcasm and Monkeys

2 Responses to “Free Cleveland Marathon 2012 Event Entry”

  1. Okay, Okay…I admit it. This is pretty awesome. Peer pressure is the best kind, right?

  2. pretty sure I’m running the 1/2 this year, if I do I’d like to help you out by joining!

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